A Thousand Textures & Aromas of Sweet Spices

A Thousand Textures & Aromas of Sweet Spices

A Thousand Textures & Aromas of Sweet Spices 

Madeira Wine 10 Years Malmsey or Sweet


Chocolate num  lollipop and Passion fruit Ganache with 10-year old balsamic vinegar and olive oil


2200g Cream                                             

200g Chocolate 70%                             

30g Passion fruit pulp                              

5g 10-year old Balsamic vinegar              

5g Extra virgin olive oil acidity 0.2



Boil the cream, let the temperature fall to 60ºC, add the finely chopped chocolate and stir carefully.

Add the passion fruit juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Leave to stand for 12 hours to achieve the desired consistency.

Roll into balls; use a 30% milk chocolate cover to fold the ganache.

Stick a cocktail stick in and let it crystallize.

Flambéed pear mille-feuille, egg mousse with yellow pumpkin and meringue

Puff pastry Band


150g puff pastry

60 chopped dried fruits

A pinch of powdered star anise



Stretch the thin puff pastry, sprinkle with fruit and anise.

Place on a tray, a silpat sheet on top so the dough doesn’t rise.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 160ºC.

Take out of the oven, cut up the bands to the desired size and leave to stand.



100g egg whites

100g powdered sugar



Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks with the sugar.

Place a layer of meringue on the puff pastry bands that will be placed on the top of the mille-feuille and put it in the oven at 90ºC for an hour and 30 minutes. Leave to stand.


Pear Flambéed


300g of Williams pear in thin slices

50g of sugar

Old brandy or cognac




Heat up a frying pan, put in a bit of butter, add the pear; after 2 to three minutes, add the sugar and the nutmeg.

Flambé with the brandy. Leave to stand.


Pumpkin mousse with custard



Pumpkin puree

400g of cooked pumpkin pulp without sugar and seasoned with cinnamon.


200g water

150g sugar

100g egg



Boil the water with the sugar for 5 minutes, lower the temperature to 75ºC, add the yolks and, whilst stirring, cook them without letting the temperature rise.

Add the yellow pumpkin puree and cook for a few more minutes, leave to cool.




24g of jelly

100g of cream 35% fat

Pumpkin mix with custard



Dissolve the jelly and add to the pumpkin mix.

Whip the cream but not very firmly.

Fold the cream with the pumpkin base and let it gain harder consistency.



Alternate with the crispy, dry fruit bands: flambéed pear, pumpkin mousse, finishing off with a meringue band

Leave in the fridge for a few hours.

Chef João Espírito Santo
FN Hotelaria