The Madeira Wine Association - Confraria

The Madeira Wine Association was founded in 1985, with its headquarters at the Madeira Wine Institute. It is a cultural and associative institution whose purpose it is to promote the good reputation of Madeira Wine all over the world.

The Association is constituted of the following organs:

The Chancellery, which administers and governs the activities of the Association;

The Table of the Inspectors, which is the Fiscal Council of the Association;

The Chapter, which is the General Assembly of the Association.

The High Chanceller presides over the Chapter, this being a title of honour of the greatest prestige, and it is his obligation to welcome the new members into the Association according to the habits and other rules of the Association. Whenever the members meet officially, a CHAPTER takes place.

The Association’s costume is made up of:

The cape, a long velvet piece, in a dark Wine colour, reminiscent of the ruby Malmsey originating from Greece;

The hat, in black velvet, with ostrich feathers in several colours, reminiscent of the "gentlemen" and wealthy merchants of the first century of Madeira’s colonization, who contributed much to the economic development of the island, planting the vines that they used to bring in from distant lands;

The Tambuladeira, a piece with which the new members are toasted, normally made of tin, which is a small short cup, and with a bottom which allows the light to reflect through the fine layer of Wine, so that its state of clearness and the colour of the precious liquid may be visible.

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