Madeira Wine Types

Madeira Wine contemplates a series of designations that make it possible to identify its different types:

Degree of richness

Extra Seco (extra dry)
Seco (dry)
Meio Seco (medium dry)
Meio Doce (medium rich)
Doce (rich)
Limit of the proportion of total sugars in Madeira Wine
Type of Wine Total sugars (minimum) (g/L) Total sugars (maximum) (g/L)
Extra Dry Doesn't exist 49
Dry 49 65
Medium Dry 57 80
Medium Sweet 80 96
Sweet 96 Doesn't exist
* Purely indicative values


Muito Pálido (very pale)
Pálido (pale)
Dourado (golden)
Meio escuro (medium dark)
Escuro (dark)