The Lab

The Laboratory has, since October 2006, the statute of “Accredited Laboratory, in accordance with the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 referential – General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” and is the Official Vitivinicultural Laboratory of the RAM. Within the context of its competencies, it is up to the Laboratory to carry out all the laboratory testing that is deemed necessary in conformity and to comply with the attributes of the IVBAM for the vitivinicultural sector and that of spirituous drinks and all other alcoholic drinks, including the physical and chemical testing that are necessary in order to prevent and repress anti-economic offences and against public health. For this, the Laboratory issues testing bulletins or corresponding documents. It also promotes and participates in carrying out inter-laboratorial studies envisaging the improvement of reproducibility and reliability of the assays carried out in the laboratories of the vitivinivultural sector. It also participates in studies which aim to characterise products and the conditions under which these are obtained or commercialised or for the improvement of technological processes. Finally, it carries out and participates in studies that develop new testing methods and proposes these as official methods, reference methods or usual methods.

The Tasting Panel

The Tasting Panel, consisting of oenologists or other persons of renowned and undisputed competence in the area of oenology, in variable number though never above ten, is responsible for the sensorial testing of the wines and is expected to provide a binding advisory report concerning the possible commercialisation of these wines. It is also expected to technically assist the IVBAM in the area of oenology.