Vine Varieties

The Malvasia-Candida variety was the first to be planted on the island of Madeira and is originally from Crete. It is characterized by large and conical bunches, with large and oblong grapes. It is usually found from sea level to 200 meters in altitude and mainly on the south coast. Malvasia-Candida has always been treated with great care and attention, producing wines which are greatly appreciated and sought after. Some wines fetch astronomical prices in auctions. The Malvasia-de-São – Jorge grape variety is mostly found on the north coast of the island, between 150 and 350 meters in altitude.

Madeira Wine from the Malvasia-Candida grape variety produced by Jesuit priests in the 18th century is considered the King of Wines from the entire production of Madeira Wine. Like Malvasia-Candida, the Malvasia-de-São-Jorge grape variety produces sweet-style wines, being amongst the richest and smoothest of Madeira wines.