Vitiviniculture Directorate

The Vitiviniculture Directorate (Direcção de Serviços de Vitivinicultura - DSV) is the Operative Service of the IVBAM with the responsibility of coordinating, ensuring, regulating and supervising the culture of the vines and the making of the Quality Wine of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Within the scope of its functions, this Service stimulates and promotes the regional vitivinicultural production, regulates and coordinates the management measures of the viticultural patrimony and the restructuring of vineyards, along with promoting the quality of wines entitled to the Denomination of Origin or Geographical Indication, namely by means of rendering Oenological Services.

It is also up to the DSCC to implement a viticultural register and to it keep up to date, to issue licences for plantation and new plantation rights and to give technical assistance to viticulturers by disseminating the good agricultural practices associated with this type of culture. It is also responsible for the plantation of vines of an experimental nature, for demonstrating and safeguarding the regional viticultural patrimony. It is equally the only regional nursery pertaining to viticultural material.