Madeira, the Island

Madeira is an archipelago composed of two inhabited islands – Madeira and Porto Santo – and other uninhabited islands, the Desertas and Selvagens. The archipelago is situated between latitudes 35º and 45º north and longitude 17º west, 1100 Km from the coast of Portugal, the country to which it belongs, and 600 Km from the African coast.

Madeira has a total surface area of 740Km2, with its highest point being Pico Ruivo, with an altitude of 1861 metres.

The wine-growing landscape so deeply rooted in the island portrays a myriad of colours which change from different shades of green to reddish browns throughout the year. The construction of terraces, sustained by stone walling, is reminiscent of staircases which in some parts of the island rise from the sea into the hills, as if they were gardens embedded in the landscape.

Recognised worldwide as a tourist destination of excellence, the reputation of Madeira is also due in part to the wine which is famed and renowned in the most varied points of the globe. Wine with the name of an island and an island with the name of a Wine.