Low Tide

Low Tide

Dry Madeira Wine 10 YO or Sercial


Harmony of limpet, mackerel and swordfish fillet with boiled sweet corn and vegetable puree served as tapas





10 Fresh limpets

100g cauliflower


“Pimenta da terra” pepper

Chopped ginger


Steam cook the limpets for 4 minutes, separate them from the shells, roughly chop them and leave to stand.

Steam cook the cauliflower too, make a very fine puree and heat it in a small pan just to evaporate the excess water; season with salt and pepper. Leave to stand, then heat up a frying pan with a bit of olive oil and add the ginger (to taste). Put the limpets in and sautée them quickly.



Place a small amount of cauliflower puree in a limpet shell and put a drop of olive oil onto the limpets with the ginger.




1 Fresh filleted mackerel without bones

100g of frozen peas

1 small sweet potato



Cook the peas, then mush and strain them. Make a fine puree seasoned only with salt. Leave to stand.

Cut the sweet potato into fine strips and make chips in oil at 180ºc. Leave to stand.

Season the mackerel with salt, pepper, crushed coriander seeds and olive oil.

Sautée them quickly



Place some pea puree onto the sweet potato chips and place a small mackerel fillet on top.





Small onions

White corn flour cooked traditionally Madeiran way

Salt and pepper


Olive oil



Bake small unpeeled onions for 15 minutes. Cut off the top, remove the middle of the onion in order to stuff them, then season with salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil. Leave to stand.

Cook 100g of white corn flour in traditional Madeiran fashion, finishing off with sautéed, caramelized onion to be added once cooked. Put the quantity of corn desired inside the onion and leave to stand.

Cut a swordfish fillet into very fine, small strips, season them with paprika, salt, wrap in flour and deep fry until they are crunchy. Put the swordfish onto the sweet corn and serve.

Chef João Espírito Santo
FN Hotelaria