Chocolate Trilogy

Chocolate Trilogy

Malvasia or Sweet Madeira Wine



(for 55 units)


Chocolate Soufflé

600 g milk

40 g corn flour

600 g melted dark chocolate

120 g egg yolk

400 g egg whites whipped into stiff peaks

1 pinch of salt

160 g sugar



Heat up the milk, add the corn flour and the melted chocolate. When off the heat, add the egg yolks and let it cool down. Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks with a pinch of salt and fold delicately into the mixture. Grease the forms with butter, sprinkle with sugar and put the mixture into the forms. Before serving, place in the oven for 8 minutes at a 180º until it has fully risen.


Coconut suzette

1kg passion fruit ice cream

Cocktail sticks

400 g of melted milk chocolate

Grated coconut to taste

250 g ground pistachio



Add the coconut to the melted milk chocolate and leave it to cool for a while. Put a stick in each scoop of passion fruit ice cream, moisten in the chocolate and coat with ground pistachio kernel.


Orange chocolate Timbale

15 egg yolks

5 whole eggs

220 g sugar

500 g soft orange chocolate

500 g butter

150 g cocoa powder

600 g Chantilly cream



Beat the yolks with the sugar until whitening; melt the chocolate with the butter in a bain-marie and put into the previous mixture, adding the cocoa. When the mixture is cold, add the Chantilly. Place in the round forms and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Then remove from forms and glaze the timbale with the chocolate covering.


Chocolate covering of the timbales

200 g water

40 g dark chocolate for the covering

75 g Valrhona cocoa powder

200 g sugar

125 g liquid cream

15 g sheet of melted jelly

2 gold sheets



Mix the water with the dark chocolate covering, the cocoa, the sugar and the liquid cream. Add the melted jelly sheet and glaze the orange timbales when they are frozen. Before serving, place the gold sheet using the knife tip..

Raspberry coulis

250 g of raspberries


Grate the raspberries into a puré and strain.

Chef Benoît Sinthon
Restaurant Il Gallo d’Oro

Hotel The Cliff Bay