Madeira Wine Company, S.A.

Madeira Wine Company, S.A.

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    Madeira Wine Company is the market leader in the production and exportation of premium Madeira Wine. The origins of the company date back to 1913 with the founding of the Madeira Wine Association, a commercial association whose primary objectives were the promotion of Madeira Wine in international markets and improving efficiency and quality in production.

    In 1925, the Blandy and Leacock families joined the Association, followed a few years later by the Miles and Cossart Gordon families. Thus, the largest company producing and exporting Madeira Wine was formed.

    At the end of the 70s, the partners in the Madeira Wine Company, as it came to be known, had been reduced to a small number of founding families, until a short time later the Blandy family, who since the beginning of their story on the island has been connected to this important sector of the regional economy and has always played a crucial role in the development of Madeira Wine, acquired a position of control in the society. It was at this time that they realised the need of finding a partner who would allow then to develop and guarantee an international distribution network and thereby commercially catapult the company and its wines. Thus they approached the Symington family, recognised producers of Port Wine for more than 100 years and over 4 generations, with whom they formed a partnership, with the main goal of increasing sales.

    The added benefits resulting from this understanding were crucial for the development of the MWC. The Symingtons with an extensive world-wide distribution network, have a deep commercial knowledge of the market and provide a valuable contribution to viticultural production, the result of experience gained throughout their many years as market leaders in the Port Wine trade. Consequently in 1989, the Symingtons formed a partnership with the Blandy family, and since then much time and effort has been invested in the improvement of production methods and in strengthening the distribution network of MWC’s recognised brands: Blandy’s, Cossart Gordon, Leacock’s and Miles.

    In recent years, the quality and excellence of the wines of the Madeira Wine Company have been recognised with the most prestigious international awards for this speciality.