Madeira Wine Educator' with high international demand

Madeira Wine Educator' with high international demand

The 6th edition of the 'Madeira Wine Educator' course took place over the last five days, which, according to IVBAM, was sold out and had a record number of applications from all over the world.

As explained in a note to the press, this advanced technical course is aimed at professionals in the wine sector who want to be qualified and certified to provide training on Madeira Wine in their professional life. The lesson was taught in English and ends today, with the presence of twelve professionals, of ten different nationalities, "which contributes to an enriching dynamic on the part of all those involved and will favor the promotion of Madeira Wine, across borders".

"Over five days, and for a total of 30 hours, participants had the opportunity to deepen and broaden their knowledge of Madeira Wine, addressing topics such as history, viticulture, oenology, certification and its consumption", explains.

In addition, participants had the opportunity to visit vineyards and producers in the sector and attend demonstration sessions of gastronomic combinations and mixology.

Participation in this course was subject to careful parameters by IVBAM's Educational Actions Office, "prioritizing training, experience and professional activity carried out in markets of interest to Madeira Wine". "In total, there were eleven trainers, from the most varied areas of the wine sector, including IVBAM employees, enologists and wine researchers", informs IVBAM.

Given the high number of applications, IVBAM foresees the start of another edition later this year, scheduled for the month of November.